Report a Rogue HOA

A Rogue HOA is a Homeowners Association that fails to act in the best interest of its members, the homeowners. Generally speaking, in the state of West Virginia, if an HOA has gone rogue, the only means to end the rogue action is with a private lawsuit. Although the law allows the plaintiffs to get back legal fees, the costs to stop Rogue HOA actions can be prohibitive.

Please feel free to report to us any West Virginia Homeowners Association (HOA) or the board of that HOA. Until the laws are fixed to better protect homeowners from Rogue HOAs, Homeowners Voice will provide as much assistance as is possible. If you believe that the HOA is improperly acting or is not properly maintaining its legal authority to act, please let us know.

  • Is your HOA properly registered with the state to do business?
  • Is your HOA board following and maintaining its proper roles like annual meetings and reporting all of its minutes from board meetings?
  • Does your HOA keep up with its own rules like keeping the common roads well maintained?
  • Are all of the assessments justified and all funds being well accounted for?

Homeowners Voice will approach every report we receive individually and work with you on a response that meets your needs as a homeowner.