Homeowners Voice membership is a significant commitment, but a meaningful contribution to our community. And homeowners will value your contribution.

Our membership dues are either composed of time, money or a combination of the two. We are an actively advocating on behalf of homeowners and that takes time and resources. We will be using case management and advocacy efforts to aid and promote homeowners, especially in West Virginia. So please consider providing us the resources and/or volunteer effort to build a voice for homeowners!

  • Pay $240 for the year to help with giving us the resources to do our work.
  • Volunteer for 12 hours to help us do the work to assist homeowners which will be considered a in-kind contribution. Volunteers will also be asked to sign a code of conduct.
  • Or a combination of volunteering and dues equal to 12 of hours or $20s. For example, $120 and 6 hours of volunteering.

Thanks so much for your help. Members will have a personal log in page on the site with up to date communications about the various Homeowners Voice projects. Members can attend a yearly virtual and/or physical meeting. Also, there will be regular online meetings to hear from the Homeowners Voice board and staff about what we are working on.

Note: Our organization is a West Virginian nonprofit that advocates for homeowners which means that donations are not tax deductible as a charity would be. In order to be allowed to do more than just educate or share resources, and actually advocate for homeowners, that makes us a 501c4 organization




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Contributions are not tax deductible.