Homeowners Voice

We are advocating on behalf of homeowners' rights and wellbeing, and to build the political power of homeowners. As an advocacy organization, we can promote legislation and policies in favor of the interests of homeowners. We are a West Virginian nonprofit under the 501c4 rules. 


Kathy Knight, Chair of the Board

Kathryn (Kathy) J. Knight is currently Chair of Homeowners Voice. For over 20 years, Kathy has been a realtor in numerous states and was an appointee to the West Virginia Association of Realtors and past President of the Elkins Randolph Board of Realtors serving Randolph, Tucker, and Barbour counties. She also has over twenty years of experience in community advocacy, serving at the pleasure of various West Virginia County Commissioners in multiple positions and working with Senators and Representatives at both the State and National levels. Prior to her real estate career, she was an advanced practice RN for the Department of Defense and still serves as an American Red Cross volunteer for disaster relief. In addition to her RN, Kathy has dual bachelor’s degrees (both Summa Cum Laude) in business and behavioral health. She has received numerous achievement awards from DoD, three lifetime achievement awards from the American Red Cross and the Molly Pitcher Award for her contributions to the U.S. Army Field Artillery.


Daniel Bennett, Executive Director and Secretary

Daniel Bennett is currently the Executive Director of Homeowners Voice. Daniel was the nominated Democrat for West Virginia House of Delegates and had worked as an organizer for the reelection of Senator Joe Manchin. Daniel was the Chief Technology Officer of the eCitizen Foundation which was dedicated to helping improve civic engagement. He co-founded DotGov Communications, the first private webhoster for Members of Congress. Daniel was Technology Liaison for Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, representative from California 's Silicon Valley for whom he drafted the Government Paperwork Elimination Act, the first federal law making electronic signatures legal and that forms were to be put on the Internet so that they could be signed and submitted electronically. He also co-drafted the ESIGN Act allowing electronic signatures for commercial use. He served as president of the House Systems Administrators Association, co-chair of the Legislative Documents Technical Committee of OASIS/LegalXML and won the Federal Computer Week's Fed 100 Award in 2000. He is a writer on technology and politics, including co-author of "The Net Effect: How Cyberadvocacy is Changing the Political Landscape" and was a columnist for The Cloakroom, a web site for the National Journal.


Tammy Offutt, Vice Chair of the Board