Stuck with Slow? Speed up Jefferson County

Jefferson County has thousands of homes that do not have access to usable Internet access for 2023. Many homes in Jefferson County do not even have crappy DSL connections and could not do remote work or education, or have telemedicine appointments. Each home that is upgraded to high speed Internet will likely be valued around $10k more. 

Jefferson County is about to ask for additional grant money to supplement the smaller amount that they got in the last GigReady round which will allow them to get to almost every home stuck with slow finally. Homeowners Voice is sending a letter in support of this additional amount. And we hope that you sign on to the letter that we will make sure that gets to Charleston to support the additional grant money.

Who's signing

Secretary Mitch Carmichael
West Virginia Department of Economic Development 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Building 3, Suite 600
Charleston, WV 25303

Re: Letter of Support for Comcast application to the West Virginia MBPS program

Dear Secretary Carmichael,

As a West Virginians, we petition you for in Support of and in conjunction with the application of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC (Comcast) to West Virginia's Major Broadband Project Strategies (MBPS) Program (aka GigReady). We are pleased that Comcast plans to deploy qualifying broadband service to additional households in Jefferson County and can confirm that the proposed project aligns with our plan to expand broadband access.

We are pleased to submit this letter in support of Comcast's proposal to work with the state in any way possible to connect unserved areas of Jefferson County. Comcast has been providing broadband service in other areas of the state for many years and is well-positioned to partner with the state on this project, bringing access to broadband to additional households and businesses.

By accepting Comcast's proposal, West Virginia will help bring Jefferson County one step closer to our goal as well as moving forward the state's broader goal of deploying broadband infrastructure to unserved areas in West Virginia and assisting our fellow citizens.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this proposal.



Will you sign?